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Deposit to reserve pork

Our pork is raised on pasture where it has the freedom to eat grass. Their diet is supplemented with balanced feed, which provides them with plenty of vitamins.

Weight varies slightly from animal to animal. The final amount is based on the weight of the carcass:

  • 100 lbs (1/2 pork)
  • 200 lbs (whole pork)


We will contact you to choose your cuts. Your hog must be picked up next October (we will contact you) at 1 Queen St, Crysler.


The price of the carcass per pound is $6.00. For all purchases, we require a deposit:

  • 1/2 pork: $150 deposit (total cost around $600)
  • Whole pork: $300 deposit (total cost around $1200) 

Deposit to reserve pork

  • Le poids varie légèrement d’un animal à l’autre. Le montant final est basé sur le poids de la carcasse.


    NB: Le nombre de viande représente environ 60 à 65% du poids carcasse, par exemple pour 200 lbs carcasse vous aurez environs 126 lbs de viande.

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